The First Garden City Heritage Museum
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    This stone is supposed to be at the base of a statue of the figure of Sappho, given to the City.  After being moved around Letchworth several times between 1907 and 1939 and  was finally sited here. Where it has been stolen (for the second time). If it comes back again I'll do a picture.

    It is next to the location of the Garden City's first swimming pool (75 feet by 40 feet , open air and fed by the waters of the Pix Brook) , opened in June 1908  it was in use between May and September every year until 1935 when the new Lido was opened at Norton Common.

    In 1936 in memory of the work of Councillor Charles Francis Ball ,  the area of the old pool was redesigned as a commemorative garden

 The gardens open out onto Pixmore Way opposite "Melverley"
designed by Underwood and Kent in 1910 

    To your right is "Abendhheim" designed by H Clapham Lander in 1911. A very unusual house quite different from the usual Garden City designs being strikingly built in the Bavarian style. It lies on the junction of two of the main routes into the town centre and you can' t help noticing it

If you look closely you can just see a squirrel between the tree and sign

    Norton Way South was the principal road in Letchworth and most of the houses were built before 1914. There are many attractive houses , to many to present here but one interesting building just as you come to the junction with Meadow Way is this tiny church.

    The Liberal Catholic Church of St. Alban


Take a look down Paddock Close
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